I receive tons of whois searches and many emails a week asking whether I want to sell the domains in my portfolio. To make things easier I decided to post this page and explain that there are three categories of domain name within my portfolio

Type A – Let them Go
Some domain names don’t have much value and I may be letting them expire (although not always) .  I’d probably let a Type A domain go to you in exchange for an Amazon or iTunes voucher or two and if I think you’re in need I may even donate it to you. Totally dependent on the historic costs and my mood at the time!

Type B – For sale with Valuation from
I rely on to value domains. Because I get a lot of time wasters: asking the buyer to commission an appraisal at their expense firstly sorts the serious from the time wasters and secondly gives us both a good independent and respected valuation on which to base our negotiation.

Once I’ve told you that a domain name you’re interested in, is a Type B, then go ahead and commission Sedo for a valuation. I’m generally quite negotiable on the valuation and have never been known to sell without a generous 10-20% discount on the valuation.

Type C – generally not for sale

as I have plans for it unless you change my mind with talk of something worth while (in excess of $20k) in which case I might reclassify the domain name into Type B – but you’d probably end up paying a premium over the valuation for me to change my plans.

I insist on using or to manage the payment and transfer for Type B & C but because of the low value of the domains in the case of Type A transactions I will probably expect 50% before I transfer and 50% after. If I don’t get the balance I reserve the right to name and shame you on this page. I’ve never had to do this!