Not Svbtle, I know.

Svbtle is a curated, invite-only collection of great people who have things to say.

I’m a real fan of Mostly I love the clean, fresh, uncluttered design. But, to be fair, a big chunk of the content is worth reading too. I first discovered Svbtle through one of my favourite writers – MG Siegler, despite rating his Techcrunch column  more than his Svbtle presence. No doubt MG will be a Marmite Moment for you – for me, I just love his dry, direct style. Oh, and he’s an Apple fanboy too.

Naturally you’ll bump into a few spoilers on Svbtle – the inevitable big egos gracing a few of the (not so) subtle pages. I won’t pick on anyone – I’m sure you’ll know who I mean.

Dustin Curtis has created a really aspirational brand. Sure, I’m not in the league of MG or Adii Pienaar (despite us both being South African) or Dalton Caldwell but I’ll let you into a secret:

I couldn’t help myself having a shot at membership. (although I do openly admit I faced zero chance of ‘cracking the nod’)

Mr Melrose, your writing and contribution to society just isn’t up to scratch

The ensuing disappointment had nothing to do with failing to make the club but more to do with the lack of a Thank You (for applying). Not even an automated email saying I didn’t make the cut. Nothing, not a peep. It just felt so arrogant.

I don’t think fame, celebrity status or success gives anyone or any brand the right not to say thank you. Online brands seem more guilty of this. Have you read the “The Thank You Economy”  by Gary Vaynerchuck? A great, entertaining read. You can read about how Tea Pigs lost me as a customer for not saying Thank You.

So here I am writing in the Svbtle style. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Please, at least, notice that I’m not trying to pass myself off as being a member of the Svbtle elite just someone who really rates the layout and design of the pages.

Actually all things considered, I’m not even sure why I’m declaring this.. chances are it will go unnoticed.

[update] Since writing this post I stumbled upon this written by Adii Pienaar. He explains far more eloquently than I do why Svbtle is so aspirational. It’s about exclusivity. I also feel better after reading what the creators of the WP-Svbtle WordPress theme wrote about its potential lack of originality. 

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