I came across a tweet yesterday that I need to remember for those awkward moments when asked to say Grace before a meal.

Let it act as a sober reminder to the more fortunate of us. It also reminded me of the crazy gaps in our society.

The Gap between rich and poor. Not only in Britain but in Africa most notably South Africa. Did you know Johannesburg sports the biggest Porsche dealership in the World? Doesn’t seem fair but then I’m told this happens in new democracies.

Talking of Grace, though:  here’s a less sobering story:

At College, now a very long time ago, we used to have to say Grace in Latin.

Benedic, Domine, dona Tua in usum nostrum, et nos in servitium Tuum, per Iesum Christum, Dominum nostrum.

~ Bless Lord Your gifts in our use and ourselves in Your service, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Never being prepared for Latin, I was caught off guard by the Headmaster’s instruction to lead the Grace. I couldn’t begin to recite the Latin so nervously defaulted into English. Like many schools, St John’s College was not known for restaurant quality food and there were times we all forced ourselves to eat the offering. Accordingly, my popularity with peers soared when my wording (eventually) sunk in:

For what we are about to receive, may the Lord be truly thankful.

Suffice to say, my seniors were less amused.

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