Thank You Mr Chairman: the loss of a great leader.

Some may not understand why this morning found me all choked up. Irrespective of your generation, we should all be able to name one or two people who have shaped the way you think; have inspired you to be better people. Steve Jobs is one of those men to me and he is no longer with us.

He has shown us how to test the boundaries with everything we do. He was driven in his quest for simplicity and perfection. The example he set us was not just about defining the technology curve. He was a leader – one of the greatest leaders of my time.

He should also be remembered for his personal war on cancer in the the last 6 years of his life, an example of his fight, dedication and passion.

It’s still early in the day and we’ll see some befitting dedications to Mr Jobs, but this (thanks to Ken Segall  is the one that moved me early this morning when I discovered the sad news.

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