Never Stop Starting (the birth of The First 65)

Many of you will have watched me launch AoB at the end of last year whilst at Dreamforce in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, it dawned on me that I desperately needed a talented team to help me implement the ideas and solutions that I develop for clients. The overall team needed to offer “a formidable blend of business strategy, creative flair and programming expertise”.

Several months later, I’m extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of The First 65.

My co-founders are James Kindred and Chris Waters of Condiment fame. I have so enjoyed working with James and Chris (as a client of Condiment’s) and have been immensely impressed by their grasp of where the web is taking us. It was a natural extension to joint-venture with them on The First 65.

To complement James and Chris’ extreme creativity, vision, client service and down-to-earth approach we’re wildly excited to announce the appointment of three superbly talented people. Tom Crinson, Nina Christensen and Anders Fisher all of whom join Chris, James and I today. We’ll be working out of the Condiment offices in Ipswich. The First 65 will operate alongside Condiment who will continue to operate as a separate brand and business. Obviously the skills of the two businesses will intersect across many future clients.

Tom will head up the development team – we’ve rescued Tom from the toils of a London commute! Tom runs the Ipswich Ruby Group and there’s no surprise that The First 65 have chosen Ruby as our development cornerstone – we are on the road to becoming a accredited development house. (For an explanation on the what and why of, please read my AoB post here.) Tom is joined by a right hand man, Anders, an equally talented developer.

Nina is no stranger to the Suffolk Digital scene too and she will assume the responsibility of account, product and project management. Nina joins us from Notcutts, where she was the E-Commerce manager. Before that, Nina was a client account manager at Jamie Riddell’s agency Cheeze.

We’re not launching with anything traditional, I’m afraid: no glitsy website etc. We’ve worked hard on our elevator pitch though and we have a place to announce things (  and naturally we have a twitter account ( and two facebook pages and , so please follow us there. You’ll get to know what we do when we start showcasing our client and product work (think 37signals) . Right now we’re noses down working for some really exciting brands – we’ll let you know when we’ve got something to show you!

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