The enchanting Guy Kawasaki

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

Last night I travelled into London to see Guy Kawasaki‘s keynote. I have to admit that I smiled from beginning to end- he’s such a lovely speaker.

Being a Guy Kawasaki fanboy (which frankly I’m not ashamed to admit) can be frowned upon by those active in social media circles because he became so noisy pushing out content from his Alltop content distillation business.

The Guy Kawasaki who enchanted me in 2006 did it with his address on his first book Art of the Start. Ever since then I’ve always wanted to see him live. Last night was my opportunity when he came to talk to us about his new book: “Enchantment: The art of changing hearts, minds and actions”. The advice he dispensed could easily have been esoteric but instead, it was practical and very credible: I’ve followed him for some years now and he practices what he preaches. More than half a dozen times he’s replied to any conversation I’ve initiated with him on Twitter, for instance.

The best part for you: last night’s keynote is available to watch in the comfort of your armchair – you really ought to. I managed to walk away with a signed copy and if I’m enchanted enough, I’ll post a review.

Thank you to Graham Brown-Martin of Learning without Frontiers for giving us the opportunity to listen to Guy.

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