I admit: I can’t afford to ignore the Facebook wave.

Do yourself a favour and please watch just the first 4 minutes of this and then read what I have to say about Digital Tomorrow Today’s Course that I am attending.

The YouTube above I saw live a few weeks back at the jam packed Royal Fesitival Hall. Benioff (Salesforce.com‘s CEO) asked us whether there was any reason why Software for the Enterprise shouldn’t be more like Facebook.

What staggered me is the statistic he opened with:

To reach 50 million users:

Radio took 38 years;

TV took 13 years

Internet took 4 years

Facebook did it in 5 months. “

I’ve lagged behind many people in my use of Facebook but, after hearing what Benioff has said I need to change my ways. Sure, Twitter for me is my network of choice but Facebook is a force to contend with just on the numbers alone. Facebook’s reach and adoption cannot be ignored. I find it fiddly though. Maybe because I haven’t invested enough time in Facebook so I have decided to fast-track my learning by attending Digital Tomorrow Today’s course Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare and more – How to harness the wider social networks for business success hosted by Jamie Riddell. I met Jamie through Twitter and we live just up the road from each other and have much (especially in the Digital space) in common so guess, by way of disclosure, we’re friends.

I have enrolled on the course  as I want to start understanding the power Facebook can have in the hands of a business user. I have to say I really need to get up to speed with how to build and maintain pages and all the tips and tricks that I just know Jamie will be able to share. My sister runs a small business called Melrose and Mutt and she is pretty excited to be going to the course this Thursday.  As far as I understand- she’ll be able to place an ad only under the noses of dog owners in the UK or if she chooses just a particular segment of the dog owning population. That’s just a simple example of the power Facebook offers communicating with your target audience.

Jamie’s holding the course on two dates in Suffolk (which incidentally is just over an hour out of London Liverpool Street Station) and you should get your tickets early.

I’m going to the later one in November. I don’t think you should miss it!

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