About being Outnumbered

"Some Dads are most unhelpful whilst glued to their iPhones"

It’s customary for our two daughters to leap out of bed long before I’m forced to. Recently I’ve been left wondering whether it’s the joys of a good morning kiss/cuddle that draws them into our bedroom or whether it’s the prospect of playing with the iPhone or iPad.

This morning there was hardly a pause between the kiss and the iPhone request/demand which prompted me to curse our 5 year old’s addiction to the dreaded device and a bout of self-restraint kicked in allowing me to settle for this:

Me: “Leave that silly iPhone alone”

Her: (in a stern and serious tone) “Daddy, how can you call it silly when it’s so useful? You spend the whole day reading your messages!”

Me: “Don’t you want to tell me about your dreams rather than play with the useful iPhone”

Her:  “Sigh, oh dad, don’t worry, mummy told me that girls can do two things at once”

I’m off to audition for  “Outnumbered” except I’m outnumbered by girls too.

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