Childcare Guidelines: Beliefs

Childcare guidelines need to be given to our childrens’ carers to govern many things including how to deal with our beliefs.  Beliefs emanate from our upbringing and the environment in which we are nurtured. When we decide to bring up children: many of us partner with someone with similar beliefs and our children grow up in the midst of those beliefs. Inevitably, our children grow up under the influence of others too: hence the need for guidelines on this subject.

Personally, we’ve found a fantastic person to look after our two young, inquiring children when we aren’t with them. She’s a brilliant combination of Nanny McPhee and Mary Poppins and she’s a Sexagenarian too which means, arguably she has far more life-skills and experience than we do. She’s also been a nurse in a previous career.
She perfects the balance between fun and discipline and the girls love  her to bits and have thrived under her care. Admittedly they see a a lot of their two parents but we have unpredictable and sometimes manic commitments-  so *our* Nanny McPhee  is a critical pivot we trust and on whom we rely.

We’ve recently been a little blindsided by a set of questions that our almost 5 year old levied on us and it seems as if some of the answers have already been given by her nanny. By their nature, they’re personal so I won’t blog about them but there is a good chance that due to the complexity of the subject Nanny McPhee may have answered them in a different manner to the way in which we would have dealt with them. We’re learning about this parenthood thing all the time! How to handle this?

I don’t think its complicated if managed consciously and clearly. We have decided to supply Nanny McPhee with a list of subjects that we’d like her to get the girls to talk to us directly for the answers. If she’s hit with a question she merely answers “that’s an important question that I think you should ask Daddy or Mummy about” then she needs to alert us immediately and we’ll deal with it based on the way we have agreed to as parents. That’s definitely our right, don’t you think?

Where I also need your help is in compiling a list of the subjects. So far I have:

  1. Religion
  2. Birds and the bees: aka Sex
  3. Divorce
  4. Adoption
  5. Marriage
  6. Homosexuality
  7. Violence and
  8. Death.

What would you add or strike off, and any other advice?

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