Breakfast quiz

I decided to run a quiz at the breakfast table for our two girls. Imogen is 5 in September and Clara turned 3 a few weeks back.

Question 1 – What’s the tallest animal?

Imo hits the buzzer first and offers me “Giraffe”. Clara shouts, no Imo, it’s a Whale. I pause to think (knowing she may be technically right) IMO argues Giraffe and clara replies- No IMO, what if the whale stands on it’s head?

So that’s a point scored by each.

Question 2 – how many notes in an Octave?

Imogen asks me what an Octave is – I can’t really explain quickly so I choose to sing a scale. She looks puzzled then replies  “Well… an Octopus has eight legs so… Eight?! Clara was left repeating the scale I sung, counting the notes on her fingers.

That’s when I realised that we are truly truly blessed having the responsibility of bringing up these two children. They dazzle and amaze me every single day. Thank you girls!

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