Why France could teach Britain a thing or two on travel.

Yesterday I drove back from a week’s holiday in France: almost 1,000km I had time to notice things and even think a little. (My family flew back: relative luxury considering the peace and quiet). Obviously the British roads and countryside are my reference point so comparing the pleasure of driving on French highways these are the notes I made:

  1. There were absolutely no road works to be seen on any French Highway. This is certainly not the case in Britain: the Land of the Traffic Cone.
  2. Considering the above, the highways were in far better condition in France than Britain.
  3. I never lost a strong and usable mobile phone signal on French highways. In Britain one can’t even maintain a conversation on the M25.
  4. There are many more wind-farms along the highways in France
  5. The French understand how to keep out of the high-speed outside lane only using it to pass, the British don’t
  6. There are hardly any four wheel drives in France.
  7. There are many more highway fuel stations in France.

So there: its different and more pleasant to travel in France than Britain. But then, you already knew that. (BTW this applies to rail travel too)


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