Suffolktweetup: Our Special Guest @jobsworth

Please welcome JP Rangaswami to Suffolk

Well, I’m sure many of you who follow @jobsworth on Twitter, will be thrilled to hear that he’s coming to our tweetup on Thursday (see below for details)

We’ve been meaning to meet for sometime now and JP is working at Adastral Park this week so in our neck of the woods so he’s re-arranged his schedule to join us on Thursday night.

Why am I blogging this? Well, I do not make a habit of this kind of stuff but I have followed JP since my early twitter career and he’s always made my stream a lovely place to be. So I wanted to thank him. His twitter bio says it all:

Passionate about things I care about

The diversity of his passions is extensive, probably because he cares about so much and his tweets are always a fine example to all of us:  all that should apply to both our online and offline lives. He is always kind, approachable, caring and very sincere.

JP introduced me to the appauling mess of the, now, Digital Economies Act and I follow his blog keenly.  From his tweetstream you’ll see many culinary delights, he’s changed the way I BBQ for instance, and I’ve felt I’ve attended a few concerts together and he’s definitely broadened my exposure to some fab music.

JP, Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and thank you for sharing so much.

Tweetup Details

Apologies in advance if I have not gone about this officially or if I have stepped on any toes but technically I only picked up on Gemma/@Roundaboutmag‘s suggestion and was selfserving enough to suggest a date before we go on holiday and a venue in Woodbridge, just up the road from us. 😉  Anyway, a whole bunch of us are meeting up at The Angel in Woodbridge this Thursday 10th June at 8pm, although many arriving earlier.

I’ll do my best to keep on track of the tweets and update the attendance list below:

@roundaboutmag, @jobsworth, @adrianmelrose, @fiswaff, @spudballoo, @melrosemutt, @jamieriddell, @abisignorelli, @janehamerton , , @solebaycheeseco, + 2 others keen to join twitter.

Update: also @shopkeeperswife (if your name is not on this list either tweet me – @adrianmelrose or comment below on this post!) would be good to know numbers to help Chris @angelwoodbridge

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