Hope for tomorrow’s change

Whether you know me personally or follow me on twitter, you will have to endure endless complaints about my back pain. My wife is a saint as she has to live with my often short-fuse caused by the agony that persists. In 2003, I was hit by a 26 wheel truck while stationary in my VW Beetle on the M1. Miraculously I climbed out of the car and caught the Luton express back home. But unfortunately, like so many injuries, the effects were far more severe than originally anticipated and it caused a prolapsed disc in the lower portion of my Lumbar Vertebrae. This means I am always in pain. I have a disabled badge that helps me travel and makes working possible, especially in London. There were stages when I couldn’t walk at all and through the work of  Torben Hersborg, a miracle-worker-Osteopath  in London, I got back to a reasonable level of operation. I guess, bringing up two children is never easy on the back and its taken its toll forcing me into a horrible vicious circle of weight gain which compounds the back pain which, in turn, cripples me in any exercise program. So after much resistance, I have consented to having cortisone, a steroid hormone, injected into my spine. As a procedure its not a big deal apart from the pain when administered! Cortisone is a miracle drug not without its side effects but we’re all hoping it takes the pain away for long enough for me to get fit and healthy again.

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