Why Alain de Botton blocked me on Twitter and enraged the foodies.

I have enjoyed consuming Alain de Botton‘s tweets. Thought provoking if nothing else and a few of them are worth a chuckle. In fact, I’ve retweeted him a couple of times recently  here and  again agreeing with him there. I’ve also (purchased) and listened to one of his books and found it a worthwhile and recommended “read”. So you could say I am was an Alain de Botton fan

This morning, one of his tweets passed me in my twitter stream and I instantly took exception to it (being a foodie myself):

Nothing more natural than to appreciate good food: yet something ominous about those who build their identities around this affection.

I am afraid I cannot link to the original tweet because it no longer exists. (I can only assume de Botton deleted it?) Fortunately, I took a screenshot of my failed attempt to retweet it and add my profuse disagreement. I then posted this tweet:

Am I going mad or has @alaindebotton just deleted this tweet? I was about to RT and say how I disagreed

I then discovered that the foodie community had jumped all over de Botton’s original tweet especially after Jay Rayner’s Guardian article “Alain de Botton’s perfect dinner party turns my stomach”

(ironically was a response to de Botton’s tweet that I had retweeted *and* agreed with)

Oh well, he’s entitled not to hang out with me on Twitter but wonder what this piece of wisdom meant only tweeted the day before yesterday. (warning: if the preceding link doesn’t work, it means de Botton has again deleted it)

Highly necessary to keep hanging out with people one doesn’t like – they teach one so much.- Alain de Botton

In closing, I can’t resist highlighting Trish Deseine’s tweet accusing de Botton of being a “Hit and Run, Philosopher” – have you also been blocked Trish?

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