Farewell British Airways

I’ve just returned to the UK shores having flown to South Africa with British Airways who I’ve loyally followed for many years.
Not only am I an insecure BA passenger as a result of its industrial action, but worse still, exposure to their shoddy systems has left me firmly resolved to *never* fly BA again.
Annoyance 1: After a bleak flight to Johannesburg in Economy a week ago; whilst trying to check in online for the return flight,   I fell for BA’s offer to upgrade for £98 each to Club World – an unbelievable offer made somewhat more believable knowing the airline was suffering declining business. Stupidly I didn’t take a screen grab to prove it. Of course when things look too good to be true they usually are; and after handing over the cash online I found that it was only in respect of an upgrade to World Traveller Plus *not* Club World as advertised.
Annoyance 2: now that I had upgraded the system prevented me from checking in online – giving me an error message asking me to check the status of my booking
Annoyance 3: I phoned BA and was told that the call centre was too busy to take my call and that I could do everything online at BA.com and hung up on me.
Annoyance 4: after reaching out to @British_Airways on twitter, they just responded by apologising and said they’d pass my comments to someone and never tried to help or resolve
Annoyance 5: when I did speak to someone in the UK I was told that the reason I couldn’t checkin was because I was subject to a random security procedure in respect of the payment of the upgrade and that I had to present my debit card to the checkin desk. This was the same card on which I paid the original booking and, when upgrading, I had validated with my online Visa Secure Password. I’d also presented the same card when I checked in on the outward-bound flight.
Annoyance 6: after the claim above, I queued with my 4 year old at the checkin desk and agent did *not* ask me for my card to validate the booking!
Annoyance 7: instead they charged me £30 for an oversized bag despite only having one bag and two full price tickets (one larger bag better when you’re travelling by yourself with a 4 year old wanderer)
Annoyance 8: I had to go to the other side of the checkin area and join a new queue to pay the £30 – not easy with an over eager 4 year old.
Annoyance 9: as I’m forced to write this post, the cabin crew are engaging in merry banter as they both pass up the aisle waking us all up as they go.
Annoyance 10: if the cabin crew isn’t waking me it’s the lady in the seat behind who has to push the touchscreen entertainment system so hard she rocks my seat everytime- I sympathise with her it’s old, tired and doesn’t work – did it ever? Not to mention my finger that’s now numb from holding the earphone jack into it’s socket to ensure a semi decent sound channel. The usability on the movie library terrible – when you choose to return to the library list after drilling down into the movie info it returns you to the first page listing forcing you to stab hopelessly at the touchscreen to get yourself back to the page you were originally browsing.
So farewell BA –  I Wonder who’ll move into Terminal 5?

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