Come on Suffolk, Twestival needs you…. like you need Twitter.

Twitter has transformed our lives in many ways. Here’s your chance to transform others’ by attending the Twestival gathering in Bury St Edmunds tomorrow night.

Since moving from London to Woodbridge, in Suffolk (and getting back into the social media circles after being ill for some time), I’ve been amazed at the number of individuals and businesses in Suffolk who’ve realised the value of Twitter. Ashamedly, I didn’t expect the uptake to be nearly as solid as London’s. I was wrong.

Take @foodsafariuk for example. Their offering is right up my street and I just would not have been aware of this fab business until i was convinced by one of Polly’s tweets on Saturday night… and booked (there and then) for my wife and I to attend their Seafood in a day course in July. (Polly, if you are reading this: any chance of some support for @bsetwestival from Food Safari, please?!, I did try and ring you earlier 😉 )

But, Suffolk tweeps…. I am a little disappointed, thus far: doesn’t look like nearly enough of you are supporting Twestival, a charitable gathering of the Twitter community- it happens wordwide but through local gatherings, Suffolk’s is tomorrow night, Thursday 25th March in Bury St Edmunds. Sadly, so far I can only see around 20 people signed up to attend?

These are the 5 main reasons you need to register to attend right now and if possible donate something to the cause by getting in touch with @bsetwestival

  1. You get to meet fellow suffolk ‘tweeps’ face-to-face. This really takes your experience on twitter up a level. After all, Twitter is a social networking tool and has a tremendous sense of community to it.
  2. Its one of the very few large fundraising events in which the bulk of the admin costs are carried by all the wonderful people and donors.
  3. If you’re a Suffolk business, its a great way of meeting people who can help you grow your business at the same time as getting some good exposure
  4. Jamie Riddell is the guest speaker and we’re gathering in a superb venue.
  5. Your support will go far to support the work of Concern Worldwide.

Now, I do understand there are differences in the demographics of the Suffolk tweeps in that there’s probably a fair distance to travel and that a lot of us have young families etc… but if you can’t grace us with your physical presence then please grace us with some dosh or something from your business. I’ve had a few hours to spare today and I’m rallying around recruiting attendees and donations. I am sorry to badger you all, but its really a great cause and Suffolk shouldn’t look weak compared to all the other regions… it wouldn’t be right! So keep posted to my twitter stream.

About Concern Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to reducing suffering and ending extreme poverty. Since the beginning, over 40 years ago, our focus has been on improving the lives of the poorest people.

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